Aubrie Sellers Snagged Her Motorcycle License After Filming 'Sit Here and Cry' Music Video

The rising singer-songwriter reveals her musical influences and unique "garage country" sound

Aubrie Sellers may sound like an angel, but she’s got a lot of edge—both in her music and in her hobbies!

The rising singer-songwriter, 25, had so much fun riding a motorcycle on the set of her “Sit Here and Cry” music video that it inspired her to get her license.

“I have a friend, Natalie, who rides with this girl biker group called Babes Ride Out,” Sellers tells PEOPLE Now. “I was like, ‘I want you guys to come be in my video.’ So they came and did it and we rode and it was so much fun.”

A couple of weeks after shooting, Sellers was fully licensed to ride a motorcycle—but it wasn’t without a hitch.

“The bike fell on me twice,” she laughs. “But I’m still here and I have a license.”

Sellers, who’s currently touring with Miranda Lambert and is daughter of “I Hope You Dance” singer Lee Ann Womack, coined the term ‘garage country’ to describe her gritty rock-infused sound.

“My record’s all electric and that’s why I call it ‘garage country,'” she says.

Sellers grew up listening to traditional country music artists like George Jones and Merle Haggard, but she also found influence from famous bands from the ’70s like Led Zeppelin and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

“My voice is very country and my songwriting is very country,” she says. “But I was a part of the internet generation and was able to discover all this music on my own, too. I had all these raw, gritty rock records that really inspired me sonically, and so I think everything I listen to when I started writing my own songs kind of came out naturally and it created this new sound.”

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