Adam Doleac Tells Heartwarming 1940s Love Story in 'Whiskey's Fine' and 'Another' Music Videos

"I really got to let my imagination run," the country singer tells PEOPLE. "I love couples that have been able to make their love story last and stay together for 40 or 50 years"

Adam Doleac has released two new music videos that go hand-in-hand and tell one gripping love story.

Over the past week, the country singer-songwriter, 32, has dropped visuals for his tunes "Whiskey's Fine" and "Another" — and PEOPLE has the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the making of both music videos.

Doleac's "Whiskey's Fine" video depicts the beginning of a decades-long love story of a married couple that must endure the emotional experience of forced separation after a young husband (played by the singer) is suddenly enlisted in World War II amid the 1940s military draft.

The subsequent "Another" music video then kicks off where the first one left off and finishes the storyline after the couple successfully managed to stay together despite their painful time away from each other.

In the "Whiskey's Fine" visual, the soldier's wife is seen writing love letters to him as continues to battle her rollercoaster of emotions — from missing her husband dearly to feeling angry because she is now living by herself in the home where she thought they would build their life together. And as Doleac continues fighting in the war, the two continue to remember vivid flashbacks of the memories they shared before his deployment. Meanwhile, throughout both clips, the real Doleac (the singer) showcases his skills as a pianist as he croons the lyrics to both tunes in various scenes.

He tells PEOPLE about his decision to tell the love story in two parts. "Any time I start thinking about making a music video, I immediately think of a different direction I could go with the idea," he says. "To me, a video is a new way for a fan to hear a song. I never want it to be exactly what you think it would be."

Adam Doleac
Adam Doleac. Mason Allen

Next, the visual for "Another" depicts the pair in their old age, when they can finally embrace one another and enjoy their time in their home that had been almost empty and so solemn for so long. The war veteran and doting husband (now played by an older man) also appears to pay particularly close attention to the needs of his wife, from laying out her close to simply holding her in their living room, almost as if he is devoted to making up for their lost time apart with every passing day.

Much like the former music video, several scenes in the "Another" visual display flashbacks between the couple in their old age (now that they are madly in love again) to the painful times they spent apart.

One of the most emotional scenes in the "Another" visual is the flashback which captures the moment when the soldier finally comes back home to his wife, safe and sound from the war.

Adam Doleac
Adam Doleac. Alex Alvga
Adam Doleac
Adam Doleac. Mason Allen

Doleac opens up to PEOPLE about his creative process behind the two videos.

"I really got to let my imagination run and have some fun with it," says the country singer. "I love couples that have been able to make their love story last and stay together for 40 or 50 years."

And for a special touch, "The couple you see in the 'Another' video is a real couple that has been married for 49 years. When I read their story, they were immediately cast."

He goes on, "I think the videos tell the story of these two songs better than I ever could, and gives them both a new life. I can't wait for everyone to see them together."

When talking about filming the two-part story, the singer tells PEOPLE he was most excited to put on his actor's hat for the first time.

Adam Doleac
Adam Doleac and co-star Alex. Mason Allen

"I especially enjoyed getting to do a little acting myself, and play the lead in these videos, which is something I've never gotten to do," the rising star says. "I personally enjoyed the war scenes. That is such a departure from my everyday life. I loved getting to play that role."

And as serious as the story is, there was one scene that Doleac says was incredibly funny in real life. He tells PEOPLE it was the scene in which he and his costar Alex had to act as though they were fighting.

Adam Doleac
Adam Doleac. Mason Allen

In a whim, Doleac says his co-star made the perfect improvisation and "just started screaming at me about how terrible my eggs and toast and coffee I had 'made for her' that morning were. [Her role play] was just out of nowhere. It [took] everything [for me] to keep a serious face, but as soon as the director yelled 'Cut!' we were all dying laughing. It was so good. She killed it."

Doleac has already found great success following the release of his new tracks. "Another" has earned him a spot in the Top 15 on SiriusXM's The Highway and has already amassed millions of on-demand streams.

The singer-songwriter has also already touched the lives of one couple. In a TikTok clip he posted, Doleac surprised the newlywed with a live performance of the beautiful song during their wedding.

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