Adam Chance of Vocal Group Home Free Proposes to Girlfriend in 'Cover Me Up' Music Video

"She thought we were about to record something goofy for Instagram — but I got down on one knee instead," Adam Chance tells PEOPLE

Life imitates art in Home Free's new music video for their cover of Jason Isbell's "Cover Me Up."

The music video, premiering exclusively on PEOPLE, follows a young couple throughout the sweet moments of their relationship, from cuddling up on the couch watching TV to laying out together by a lake. Interspersed are clips of group members Adam Chance, Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp and Tim Foust singing along from a scenic, wooded area.

By the conclusion of the song, the couple gets engaged — but it's not the only proposal shown.

At the end of the video, a screen displays a message which reads, "On March 17th 2020 Chance made the biggest decision of his life."

The message goes on to explain that after the country a cappella group — who won the fourth season of NBC's The Sing-Off in 2013 — had to cancel the European leg of their Dive Bar Saints World Tour due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Chance, 36, had to rethink his plan of proposing to his girlfriend Samantha "Sami" Matarante, 28, abroad.

"He took it in stride and did it anyway ... at home, in their PJs," the message reads, before home-footage of the life-changing moment where Chance proposes to Matarante is shown.

"She said yes," the message concludes.

Adam Chance and his fiancée Sami Matarante
Adam Chance and Sami Matarante.

Chance originally planned to propose in Paris, where the group was supposed to play a show on March 15.

"I had carried the ring around the entire tour in preparation for that day," he tells PEOPLE. "But on March 12, we had to suddenly cancel the rest of our tour and head home due to the pandemic. So, there I was, sitting at home, unsure of when or where I'd even have an opportunity to make it happen, considering we were stuck inside our home for the foreseeable future."

"March 17 was our two-year anniversary, so I just decided to go for it," he continues. "We were wearing onesies, and she thought we were about to record something goofy for Instagram — but I got down on one knee instead. I couldn't wait. It was the best decision I've ever made."

Adam Chance and his fiancée Sami Matarante
Adam Chance and Sami Matarante.

For Matarante, the simplicity of the proposal couldn't have made for a more perfect moment.

"I think I blacked out while it was happening — thankfully he had the sense to film it — but I do remember one of the first things he said, after I said 'yes,' was that he was sorry it wasn’t more grandiose," she says. "Sure, Paris would have been a beautiful, magical place to get engaged … But at home, in our comfies, just felt so much more like us to me."

"I’m so thankful it happened the way it did because we were able to really absorb the moment and celebrate it fully without any outside factors," she adds. "We could not be more excited to take on this life together."

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As for the engagement ring, Chance had it custom built at a shop in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. A moonstone gem with a topaz overlay lies at the center of the gold band, with diamonds on each side.

"We're both fairly non-traditional, so she wanted something a little different," Chance says. "It almost has an elvish feel to it, like something out of a fantasy novel or fairy tale."

Adam Chance and his fiancée Sami Matarante
Adam Chance and Sami Matarante

Soon, Chance will also be getting an engagement ring of his own.

"Growing up, I never had any idea of what I wanted my engagement ring to look like," Matarante says. "But what I did know was that I wanted my future partner to also have an engagement ring. I’ve never understood why only the women get to have that physical representation of their love before 'I do.' His ring is in the process of being made and will be here very soon!"

Home Free
Home Free. Dave McClister

Up until now, Chance says, the only people who knew about their big engagement news were their families and a few close friends.

"We wanted the news to be just ours for a little while," he says.

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