The singer shares how he and Ryan Seacrest are feeling about saying goodbye to Idol


After three seasons on American Idol, Keith Urban knows he’s going to miss the show after it signs off for good on Thursday – even if it is a delayed reaction.

“We were out the other night and I said to Ryan [Seacrest], ‘Are you feeling it now?’ ” Urban told PEOPLE at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night.

“It’s 15 years – it’s a long time to be a part of anything. [Ryan] said, ‘I feel it a little bit, I really think I’ll feel it most next year when it doesn’t start.’ I’ll probably feel a little bit the same too.”

Though Urban, 48, hasn’t had too much time to think about it just yet – he’s been juggling the show, his latest album Ripcord and a new tour.

“The last couple of months have been strange with Idol coming to an end, trying to finish my album and also starting to launch a tour,” he says. “Everything kind of all intersected at once. But the record’s finished, so looking forward to people getting to hear it.”

Ripcord, which Urban calls “an expansion outwards in all directions from Fuse” is out May 6.