"What's funny is my younger daughter is 8 and she just doesn't really care," the singer jokes

Credit: David Becker/ACM2016/Getty

The artists playing overhead range from Ronnie Milsap to Cheap Trick to Foreigner. But the sounds aren’t coming from Jason Aldean‘s stereo – they’re coming from his 13-year-old daughter’s.

“My older daughter [Keeley] loves music,” he said. “It’s really cool because the whole time they were growing up I would play Ray Charles to Aerosmith to George Strait It’s really cool to see a 13-year-old with that much of a diverse taste in music.”

Aldean’s other daughter, Kendyl, though – well, she’s not nearly as interested.

“What’s funny is my younger daughter is 8 and she just doesn’t really care. She’s not a huge music lover,” he said. “She’ll have a song get stuck in her head every now and again, but for the most part, she could do without it.”

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Maybe her dad’s newest single, “Lights Come On,” will enter her rotation. Interestingly enough, the song almost didn’t get recorded.

The “Burnin’ It Down” singer, 39, said he had wrapped up his forthcoming seventh studio album and was about to sign off on it when he got shipped a tune called “Lights Come On.”

Aldean had everyone stay late to record the newly arrived song. That just-in-the-nick-of-time record is now the lead single to the upcoming album.

“It was a song that came in literally the last second for us,” he said on Friday, the same day that tune was released to radio stations.

“We were done recording the album in the studio, finishing the album when the song came in, and we actually made some of the guys stay later so we could cut the song. It went down within a week and it ends up being the first single, so it’s crazy how it works out.”

Aldean will perform the rock-heavy song on Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards awards in Las Vegas.

“It’s the kind of song we love to play, for sure, and what people like to hear from us, and it’s been a while since we had one like this,” he said.

In speaking to PEOPLE and other media after his ACM rehearsal, Aldean dished on what to expect from the new record.

“To me, this album really does go back to what I do best,” he said, saying it’s a combination of albums Wide Open and My Kind of Party. “We have stuff on this record that’s really country and we have stuff like ‘Lights Come On’ that are really rock. To me, it’s just a really cool, well-rounded album.”

“I hate having filler tracks on an album,” Aldean said. “When you listen to an album and think every song could be a single, that’s a good sign, and I feel like go that with this.”