Zuleyka Rivera Shuts Down Haters After Her 'Despacito' Performance at Grammys

"Despacito's" model and dancer Zuleyka Rivera defends herself from those who criticized her Grammy Awards performance with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

Zuleyka Rivera got down to “Despacito” last night at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, sharing the stage with the record-breaking hit’s singers Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. However, severals viewers weren’t too pleased with the Puerto Rican actress’s performance. While the former Miss Universe surely had her supporters — “Congratulations! You were spectacular,” one wrote. “Simply wow,” another added — many slammed her dance moves and outfit on social media.

“That was supposed to be a performance for television, not for her own living room,” one scathingly tweeted. “The dress was horrible and she looks really bad. She is talented, beautiful, but why does she have to dress like a prostitute?” another snapped.

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Rivera clapped back at her critics in an Instagram post after the ceremony. “The day that all of those who gave negative criticism step on a Grammy stage, then their opinions will count. Until then, stay looking pretty sitting in front of the television screen,” she wrote.

On a brighter note, she also shared a snap alongside Fonsi and Daddy Yankee with a message of gratitude, and what could be seen as a veiled response to her haters: “Joy and satisfaction, that’s how I describe my feelings in this instant. Last night was another memorable moment in my life where the eyes of the world were focused on Puerto Rico. An island that has suffered like never before this past year but keeps bringing talent and joy to the rest of the world through art. Last night was a historic night when Latin music paved the way. My seconds on the stage where a dream come true, I thank the Recording Academy for their invitation and for giving the awards this touch of sensuality. Wardrobe? Performance? Award Shows? Trophies? Nothing is more important to me than then genuine satisfaction that we as boricuas made history again. It’s time to unite keep succeeding together as Latinos.”

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