Amara La Negra (Left) and Young Hollywood
Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images (2)
January 12, 2018 03:54 PM

Producer Young Hollywood is facing a serious backlash for comments he made about burgeoning talent Amara La Negara (née Danelys De Los Santos) on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, which premiered on Jan. 1.

Things got heated during the show’s first episode when the producer questioned La Negra’s self identification as an Afro-Latina. After she affirmed her identity, he skeptically asked: “Afro-Latina. Elaborate. Is that because you’re African or is that because you have an Afro?” He then brazenly proceeded to suggest she be “less Macy Gray and more Beyoncé” and mockingly called her the “Nutella Queen” because of her complexion. After the exchange, the singer was furious: “All because of my looks or because I am dark-skinned,” she said. “But, that doesn’t make me less Latina.”

Fans reacted to Hollywood’s racially insensitive remarks on the show’s Instagram page. “I hope he never gets to work with anyone again. So racist,” one follower wrote. Another added: “I’m mad they gave the racist a platform tho. I am not here for young hollywood he has to go.”

On Jan. 11, the producer, who’s also Latino, rebuffed the notion that he’s racists, telling TMZ: “I’m not racist at all. That’s insane.” He also told the media outlet that the controversy surrounding his comments has imperiled her personal and professional life: “I don’t feel like I should be getting the death threats that I’ve been receiving….This is starting to affect my personal life, my reputation with friends.”

He defended his blunder by blaming it on his lack of experience on television: “I don’t know how to articulate my words,” he said, “I was speaking with her as a one-on-one conversation. I wasn’t speaking to a community or at a society.

Hollywood also said he welcomes the dialogue his clumsy words spurred and said that he “stands on the side of the people that are trying to crucify me for something that I said that’s part of entertainment.”

La Negra, who’s received a flood of support from fans after the episode aired, wrote on Instagram: “Thank you everyone for supporting who I am and what I Stand for.”

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