Watch Will Smith and Kevin Hart show off their Spanish-speaking skills in social media videos.

By Thatiana Diaz
March 19, 2018 05:07 PM

Will Smith proved to his fans — and haters — that he could speak Spanish last month when he shared a video of himself on Instagram singing Ritchie Valen’s 1958 hit, “La Bamba.” The post came after the actor was criticized for shoddily reciting the Spanish-language lyrics of the popular tune in a previous video of himself in the Cayman Islands. Now, Smith is proving his mastery of the romance language anew in a video that captures him singing Spanish track “X,” by Nicky Jam, featuring J. Balvin.

“Before starting a great day on the set of my new film, I need the perfect music to create energy,” he said in Spanish, before singing along and dancing to the song. “Congratulations Nicky Jam and J Balvin. This song is crazy.”

In response to Smith’s post, fellow Philadelphia-native Kevin Hart took the opportunity one-up his longtime friend: “I see my guy Will Smith has learned Spanish so now I’m not the only one,” he said in his playfully competitive Instagram video before spilling out random words and phrases in Spanish, like “water,” “what’s your name?” and “my name is Kevin.”

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Will Smith (Left) and Kevin Hart
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At the end of the clip, he added: “Spanish from one guy to another man. I’m glad to see you up on what I’ve been up on. Español forever.”

Hart cheekily welcomed the Bright actor into the Spanish-speaking club because he’s long-recorded clips of himself speaking the language. In 2015, for example, Hart shared this video showcasing his easy facility with the language from vacation, captioning it: “My Spanish is getting stronger….Good morning world!!!!”