Here are five reasons Venezuelan Internet sensation Lele Pons, who stars in Camila Cabello's "Havana" music video.

By Lena Hansen
January 31, 2018 12:12 PM

She may not yet be a household name yet, but Venezuelan Internet sensation Lele Pons boasts 21 million followers on Instagram and almost 8 million subscribers on YouTube. In 2016, she made Time magazine’s list of “The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet.” More recently, she played the bubbly blonde party girl sister in Camila Cabello’s music video for “Havana,” and starred in the music video “Downtown” by Anitta and J. Balvin. Here are 5 reasons to become her next follower.

1. Her quirky sense of humor. With her Lucille Ball-like off-beat charm, Pons reels you in. Her wacky videos run the gamut from — “How to save yourself when farting in front of your crush,” to “How to catch a Latino cheater.”

2. Her raw honesty. She is not afraid to laugh at herself or share #TBTs like the one above, showing a awkward teen version of herself with braces beside a polished pic at 21. “My Quinceañera and my 21st birthday!! Miss the old days,” she wrote.

3. She’s a fearless fashionista. She has her own sense of style and is not afraid to experiment. Big brands are taking notice of the style influencer. Last year, she walked the Dolce & Gabbana runway in Milan and landed a CoverGirl contract as one of the faces of the makeup brand.

4. She’s strives for truth, not perfection. Yes, she is fit and gorgeous, but she’s happy to satisfy a pizza craving and poke fun at her self for laughs. She’s relatable, a best friend, not an intimidating goddess.

5. Her infectious sense of fun and #YOLO mentality. Whether she is striking a yoga pose on a roof (do not try at home) or taking a selfie with a giraffe on a safari, Pons lives it up.