Katy Jurado
Credit: Pictorial Parade/Getty Images

Google Doodle is celebrating another Latin icon months after honoring Selena Quintanilla with an animated video set to the tune of her hit “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” and Dolores Del Rio, Mexican actress and well-known crossover star. On Jan. 16, the search giant is featuring an image of Mexican actress and singer Katy Jurado, in recognition of what would’ve been her 94th birthday, by artist Ana Ramirez.

The Doodle “pays homage to the trailblazing actress by depicting her in a powerful pose against a backdrop inspired by the set of her film High Noon.according to the Google Doodle blog. The rosessymbolize Guadalajara, also known as “the city of roses,” where she was born.

The pioneer, who passed away in 2002, made the transition from Mexico to Hollywood aiming to change the stereotypical and sometimes sexualized roles given to Latinas. After snagging parts in Mexican cinema, she went north of the border to star in the films Bullfighter and the Lady, Broken Lance and the classic Western High Noon. She made history when she won a Golden Globe in 1953, becoming the first Latin-American actress to win one. Jurado was also the first Latin-American actress to be nominated for an Academy Award.

These accomplishments “helped to expand the parts available to Mexican and other Latinx actresses in Hollywood today,” says the blog. Since her nod for the Academy Award, two other Mexican actresses — Salma Hayek and Adriana Barraza — have been nominated for Oscars.

Many fans expressed their excitement about Google’s nod to the groundbreaking actress on social media. “VERY here for the Katy Jurado Google illustration. I love her so much in Luis Buñuel’s EL BRUTO,” wrote one fan, while another jotted, “Applause to Google for honoring #KatyJurado. Unforgettable performance in High Noon.”