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August 14, 2017 04:36 PM

A recent video of an altercation between Patricia De León and Luzelba Mansour, stars on the new season of the reality show Rica Famosa Latina (Rich Famous Latina) went viral. (Think Spanish-language The Real Housewives.) It shows De León breaking a glass on Mansour’s forearm, which suffered a gruesome cut that required 30 stitches. De León, a Panamanian actress, spoke with People en Español to tell her side of the story.

“It was all an accident at a dinner that was had,” clarified De León. “It was never my intention. I am not an actress in support of gossip or negativity,” she said.

The network provided People Chica with a statement saying, “The moment in which this unfortunate situation occurred was recorded by our production team since it was a scene that was already set up and scheduled.  However, neither the discussion nor the fight that erupted was planned in any way. We are saddened that it escalated to that level and that a cast member of Rica Famosa Latina was injured.”

Check out their brawl in the video below:

Rica Famosa Latina, which airs on Estrella TV in the United States, has been on the air since 2014 and follows the lives of successful Latina women. The show was inspired by Bravo’s The Real Housewives franchise and was even co-created by former RHOBH member Joyce Giraud. 

According to the actress, the bloody brawl ensued when De León tried to deny an accusation Mansour made about her personal life. “This woman sparked rumors that I have a relationship with my sister’s husband, which is totally false.”

Their tense conversation became physical when Mansour threw a glass of water at De León. “At the moment in which I was going to throw the water at her, she put her arm up and that’s when the cup cut her,” De León explained.

According to De León, Mansour noticed the cut on her forearm after she left the restaurant where the fight broke out. “I ran to her and she said, “Don’t worry, it was an accident, I put my hand out.” The two hashed it out moments before Mansour was taken from the scene by an ambulance.

“After admitting that it was an accident and that it was her fault, Luzelba goes out the next day to say that I attacked her, that I am an aggressive person, that I am a wild person,” De León fumed, adding, “I feel sorry that a person tries to destroy the integrity, the reputation, and the career of a person who has worked so hard.”

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