WATCH: Remembering Hurricane Maria Six Months Later

Six month after Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico, six Boricuas based in New York City reflect on the devastating day the storm hit and the future of the island.

One of my favorite Puerto Rican songs has always been “El Temporal.” It’s a beautiful plena that encapsulates life in Puerto Rico perfectly. “Temporal” translates to “rough weather,” “storm” or “hurricane.” Its chorus asks, “What will be of my Borinquen when the temporal arrives?” That’s the question all Puerto Ricans asked ourselves when Hurricane Maria swiftly amped up her power from a category 1 storm to a category 5 monster in less than 24 hours.

Six months later, Puerto Ricans, both on the island and in the diaspora, are still looking for answers to that question. Amid a crippling economic, social and political crisis, many Puerto Ricans feel invisible. PEOPLE CHICA caught up with six young Boricuas based in New York City to discuss the events of September 20, 2017. We also talked about what Puerto Rico means to them and future of the island post-Hurricane Maria.

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