January 29, 2018 02:31 PM

In their new music video “Mamita,” which has garnered over 11 million views on YouTube, Latin boy band CNCO pay tribute to their loyal fans. The video shows a group of raving fans welcoming the jet-setting pop stars at an airport. The five evade the paparazzi and ditch their own limo driver to jump into a van driven by female fans. In the vehicle, they serenade their groupies and lavish them with kisses, caresses and red roses.

“It feels good. It’s a unique and strange feeling,” Dominican singer Richard Camacho, 21, tells PEOPLE CHICA of the band’s success. “We still can’t believe everything that is happening. We feel blessed.”

The band, which emerged in 2015 after winning Univision’s reality show La Banda, where they were mentored by coaches Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz and Laura Pausini, woo young fans with romantic ballads like their British predecessor One Direction. However, they sing in español and fuse bachata, reggaeton and pop in their tracks. “This new album is very different from our first one. It’s more mature,” Cuban singer Erick Colón, 17, says of their sophomore effort, which drops in April. “We are working really hard on it.” The band also hopes to record more in English and launch careers as actors in television and film.

For Ecuadorian singer Christopher Velez, 22, filming their new music video “Mamita” in his home country was a dream come true. “We had a great time. We filmed in beautiful locations and had a lot of fun,” he says. They visited the Quilotoa volcano, the crystal palace and the Quito cathedral and enjoyed typical dishes like the bandera. “We all bring a different flavor,” Mexican-American singer Joel Pimentel, 18, said of their multicultural mix.

Having Ricky Martin as a mentor and being the opening act of his One World Tour in 2016 was crucial to their success. “Ricky has always been there. We are so grateful to him for believing in us,” Colón adds. “Thanks to Ricky and our fans we are were we are.”

Their fans’ love knows no limits — some even hid in an air vent in their dressing room during a concert in Mexico City! — but the pressures and demands of fame don’t stop them from enjoying their youth, Puerto Rican singer Zabdiel De Jesús, 20, assures us: “You can do anything you want,” he says, “you just have to be more careful doing it.”

Colón says that their success has come with sacrifices: “It wasn’t all like we thought it would be,” he says, “There is a lot of hard work behind an artist’s life.”


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