By Thatiana Diaz
May 22, 2017 03:24 PM
FEDERICO PARRA/AFP/Getty Images; Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

President Donald Trump has upset another world leader with his comments. After referring to Venezuela as an “unbelievably poorly run” country and “a disgrace to humanity” on Thursday, the South American nation’s president,  Nicolas Maduro, fired back at Trump while standing alongside Colombian President Juan Manuel Santo on live television the following day.

“Enough meddling … Go home, Donald Trump. Get out of Venezuela,” Maduro exclaimed in a televised speech. “Get your dirty hands out of here.”

He added, “President Trump’s aggressions against the Venezuelan people, its government and its institutions have surpassed all limits.”

John Moore/Getty Images

When Trump was elected for office, Maduro had urged everyone around the world to give the new president the benefit of the doubt. “I don’t want problems with the Trump administration,” Maduro said in a speech in February. “We want respectful relations with the new administration.” But after Trump’s recent comments and sanctions, the American president is now facing a new fury.

The Trump administration implemented sanctions on the chief judge and seven members of Venezuela’s Supreme Court as a punishment for stripping the opposition-controlled Congress in late March. Since last November, Maduro’s administration has gone after street protesters in an attempt to shut down any opposition to his social government.

“The extreme positions of a government just starting off only confirmed the discriminatory, racist, xenophobic and genocidal nature of U.S. elites against humanity and its own people, which has now been heightened by this new administration which asserts white Anglo-Saxon supremacy,” the Venezuelan government said in a statement.