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October 24, 2017 11:13 AM

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Have you ever wanted to soak in avocado or elotito? How about some agua fresca or in La Llorona’s tear? Hmm…Not so much? Well, what if we told you that they all come in in the form of organic and hand-made bath bombs?

Now we’re talking!

Catheryn Estefania Rodriguez, 24, who suffers from anxiety stemming from bipolar mania, began creating bath bombs in late 2016 after finding that they helped her relax.  In a quest to find the perfect bath bomb, Rodriguez started researching essential oils and different bath bomb recipes. One day, she was lazying off from her studies, when her mother told her to do something productive, “like make tamales,” she sarcastically suggested. “I ended up making a tamale bath bomb with actual cornhusk as a joke” in response to her mom’s crack, Rodriguez tells PEOPLE Chica. And that’s how the Mexican-inspired and influenced bath bomb company Brewbles came to life.

The catalogue of items includes traditional Mexican foods such as noplaes and items named for cultural staples in Rodriguez’s native country, such as El Cucuy. Apart from bath bombs, Brewbles also carries a select number of hand soaps and standout fizzies. The products, which are organic, vegan and cruelty free, range from $3-$12 and are all organic. Net proceeds go toward paying the college and living expenses of her and her younger sister Maureen, 21.


“Most of the items in our shop are representative of nostalgia and longing that I’ve experienced after moving to the U.S.  All the paleta bath bombs in our shop are named and scented after fond memories from growing up in Mexico City. For example, “Tlahuac en Primavera” (a strawberry, yerbabuena, and rose botanical treat) is representative of the year my sister and I were sent to live with my aunt when my parents decided to come to the United States,” Rodriguez said. “It’s been incredibly important to us to be able to preserve our culture and be able to share it with people who are equally as nostalgic and proud of their latinidad.  This is because many of us still don’t feel like we  have a place in the U.S. as we are constantly pressured to assimilate and experience cultural erasure to fit a mold that is not representative of who we are.”

Courtesy of the brand

Brewbles products sell out quickly, so make sure to mark your calendar for the next restock on October 31st, appropriately pegged to Halloween and Day of the Dead. Stay up-to-date on new launches and products at @brewbles.

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