Litzy Dominguez, the star of Telemundo's soap opera Al otro lado del muro, talks about her daring role.
Credit: Courtesy of Bobo Producciones

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If you, your mom or abuela are telenovela fans, Litzy Dominguez will be on your radar. The Mexican actress and singer, who will star in Telemundo’s upcoming series Al otro lado del muro (aka. On the Other Side of the Wall), spoke with People en Español exclusively about her daring new role.

“It’s a story filled with truth, with real characters. People will really identify with the story,” Dominguez said. “My character’s name is Eliza Romero and she is a mother, a woman who loves her family. She is very strong, hardworking and has a good heart. She will give her all for her kids in spite of the obstacles life puts in her way.”

The new soap opera will tell the story of two women who cross the Mexican border into the United States in search of the American Dream.

“My character is a real woman,” Dominguez added, “There are so many women like her.” The show centers on the the lives of two very different women —Eliza, from humble origins, and Sofia, a well-connected socialite—who come to American to escape their grim realities back home.

Dominguez will be sharing the screen with Telemundo newcomer, Venezuelan actress Marjorie De Sousa, who plays Sofia, the wife of a Mexican governor whose privileged lifestyle changes dramatically. “Marjorie is a great coworker,” she said, “very professional and disciplined.” The two also starred in soap opera Pecadora a few years ago. “Since we had already worked together, ” she added, “we know each other and laugh a lot on set.”

Gabriel Porras will play De Sousa’s love interest in the new telenovela, which premieres in early 2018.