Karina Garcia
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March 09, 2018 05:23 PM

Slime changed Karina Garcia’s life.

In 2015, the 24-year-old Mexican-American tapped into people’s desire to learn how to get their goo on. More than 7 million subscribers have tuned in to watch Garcia making her slime and playing with the viscous substance on her YouTube channel.

She also created her own line of products, Craft City, which includes kits to make slimes, bath bombs and lip gloss. Garcia is featured as one of the 25 Most Influential Women in People en Español‘s latest issue and shared her success story with the magazine.

Her business breakthrough came after a difficult period of uncertainty over what she wanted for her future. She was working as a waitress and had dropped out of college. “I was so discouraged to do anything with my life,” she admits. However, her twin sister, who also has a YouTube channel, encouraged her to create her own. “She said I had the personality because I had always been very bubbly,” Garcia recounts. Thankfully, she took her sister’s advice! The young entrepreneur’s fortune is now estimated at $1.6 million. The “slime queen” already has two books out and a third one on the way filled with DIY slime ideas.

Garcia, who had dabbled in slime-making as a hobby, soon realized she was channeling a worldwide obsession. “Now it is a huge thing, there is a community out there dedicated to slime,” she adds. But having millions of followers on YouTube means, along with the messy fun, comes challenging work. “I definitely feel like there is a responsibility, like I have to constantly be putting out good content and new crafting ideas,” she admits. “But it is so much fun because I can be myself. I feel like all my dreams are coming to life and this is so surreal.”

Thanks to her efforts, her family was able to move out of a mobile home and into a mansion in Los Angeles. “We used to live in a very small house a few years ago. My dad always dreamed of having a two-story house, so now that I made it happen, they are very proud. The house was $1.7 million,” she says proudly.

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Garcia — who has brought slime-time fun to The Ellen Degeneres Show and Megyn Kelly Today — is also making a positive impact in her community. “I definitely always try to give back in every way.” In December, the YouTuber went around the neighborhood handing out champurrado and burritos to people. She also donated her slime kits to kids in a children’s hospital. “It is a sad situation, and just to be in touch with it humbles you and reminds you that there is just so much going on out in the world. We have to try and help out,” she said of the experience. “I want to start donating more.”

With reporting by MAYRA MANGAL

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