'Havana' singer Camila Cabello, who drops new album on Jan. 12, shares childhood memories in emotional video collage on Instagram.

By Lena Hansen
January 02, 2018 05:53 PM

Camila Cabello gave a special New Year’s treat to her fans. The ‘Havana’ singer — who drops her new album on Jan. 12 — shared a series of video collages on Instagram, showcasing sweet images from her childhood. The Cuban born artist, who went solo in 2016 after leaving the popular girl band Fifth Harmony, thanked her fans for their support.

“This is a thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being here for me and for all the memories we’ve made together this year,” she captioned her Dec. 29 post. The video has a classic home-movie vibe with grainy images of her putting on makeup, playing with her dogs, climbing on monkey bars and vacationing in Rome, while her new song “Never Be the Same” plays in the background.

A second collage highlights some of her best 2017 performances in fast-forward motion. “I wanted to give this to you guys as a New Year’s Eve present, but I was too excited and couldn’t wait!” she wrote. The video also shows a clock ticking and childhood images of Cabello playing with her baby sister, practicing music on her flute, acting in a school play and swimming with her dad at the beach.

The posts offer fans of the 20-year-old a slice of her daily life. In 2016, Cabello shared a moving essay on Pop Sugar about what it meant to grow up as an immigrant. She recounts how her Mexican father and Cuban mother had to work from the ground up to build a new life in Miami. “I learned from my family that if you work hard enough and you want it badly enough, you can do the impossible,” she wrote. Those family lessons seem to be paying off.