'The Simpsons' Gives a Shout-Out to the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico and Donates $25,000 to Relief Efforts

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The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico Carmen Yulín Cruz received a message of solidarity from an unlikely supporter: FOX’s hit show The Simpsons. Following the destruction Hurricane Maria brought to the island in September, the animated comedy showed support for the beleaguered U.S. territory’s mayor by sending her a photo of the series’ cast of characters holding up a Puerto Rican flag and a sign that reads “Unidos (United).”

Yulín Cruz tweeted a photo of herself holding up the poster, writing: “To @TheSimpsons thank you for keeping Puerto Rico in your hearts. Big Fan. Love that you always say what you mean no matter the consequences.”

In response, The Simpsons decided to show their support in an even bigger way. They replied to her tweet with a video of the show’s Moe Szyslak of Moe’s Tavern announcing that they’ll be donating $25,000 to the island: “Thank you very much Madame Mayor of San Juan,” he said. “What you said about saying what you mean, that got to me.”

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Moe then took a swipe at President Donald Trump, who infamously blasted the the mayor for her “poor leadership” and visited a church on the island, where he threw paper towels and other supplies at the crowd in what many saw as a degrading and disrespectful form of help: “I personally know how it feels when somebody comes and throws paper towels at you. In my case, it was flaming toilet paper but the principle is the same. It’s humiliating, even though it’s clearly a cry for help!”

The video ends with Moe slamming a bat on the bar, demanding a patron cough up his $25,000 tab, which Moe promises to send to Puerto Rico ASAP. He also urges viewers to donate to relief efforts in Puerto Rico via UNICEF, One America Appeal, and Save the Children.

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