Shannon De Lima Addresses All the Rumors Surrounding Her Split from Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony's ex wife Shannon De Lima breaks her silence after the divorce and dishes about the salsa singer and how she got along with Jennifer Lopez.

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Since news of her split from Marc Anthony surfaced last December, Shannon De Lima has been mum on the topic…until yesterday. The Venezuelan model, 29, gave an exclusive interview to Univision’s morning show Despierta América, where she finally opened up about her famous ex and his former ex Jennifer Lopez.

After blowing a kiss to her ex during the interview, she denied rumors that the former couple have a confidentiality agreement that forbids her from talking about him or their relationship. “People make things up. Why wouldn’t I be able to talk about Marc? I have nothing bad to say. What confidentiality? He has nothing to hide. I have nothing to hide. We can talk about anything we want.”

De Lima also shot down the rumor that her marriage ended because of the kiss Marc shared with ex wife Jennifer Lopez on stage at the Latin Grammys in 2016. “It was not the kiss,” she emphasized. “We had been separated already for about a month.”

When the hosts pressed, asking if De Lima had a feud with Lopez, she said: “Cero, there is nothing. People make up this movie in their minds and create a rivalry where there is none.” On the contrary, De Lima said that she’s enjoyed many good times with Lopez, such as going to Lopez’s twins Max and Emme’s birthday parties and attending several of the singer’s concerts. She’s even visited J.Lo’s house for lunch when the Shades of Blue star was dating Casper Smart.

The model steadfastly claims that she and her ex remain very good friends. “He was very important in my life. I just saw him recently,” she said, referring to the singer’s surprise visit to her 10-year-old son’s birthday.”When he saw Marc again it was so nice,” she said. “Marc was his dad. Dani still calls him ‘daddy.’ Dani has his dad, but Marc will be ‘Daddy Marc’ forever.” She shares Daniel with ex Venezuelan actor Manuel Sosa.

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De Lima told the hosts that she still maintains close relationships with Anthony’s other children. “I care for his children very much. I still talk to them. They are family.” She insists that despite the rumor mill there is no bad blood between her and Anthony. “We are really great friends. I care for him a lot. Things don’t work out sometimes, but it’s not as dramatic as people see it.”

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De Lima met the salsa crooner at a Latin Grammys gala in 2011. The two dated for three years before tying the knot in 2014. They were married for two years.

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