Cecilia Galliano and Angelique Boyer
Credit: Mezcalent (2)

Awkward… Sebastián Rulli and his girlfriend Angelique Boyer attended an event last Tuesday in Mexico City where the Argentine actor’s ex-wife—actress Cecilia Galliano—was also present.

In the past, the star of the telenovela Tres veces Ana had major conflicts with the mother of his son, which ended in a legal battle. It was not too long after that the ex-wife decided to bury the hatchet and have a cordial co-parenting relationship with Rulli. After all, the most important thing for both parents is their first-born Santi, who turned seven in January.

Although the face-to-face interaction was minimal for the three celebrities, Galliano revealed that she had no problem saying hello to her former husband and his girlfriend.

“I don’t have any problem with that. He is the father of my son, there is nothing to it. It’s not like I’m seeing him here for the first time. I see him every weekend when he comes [home] and takes and brings my son,” Galliano said on the Mexican television program La cuchara.

“There are things that happen and you have to turn the page. Each one of us has their own life, respects the life of the other and the common good is that we have Santi, who is the important person here,” she added.

Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli
Credit: Instagram/Angelique Boyer

Santi’s mother was also questioned about the loving relationship that Angelique—the girlfriend of her ex-husband—and her son seem to have. Although she responded, the actress kept it brief with her answer. “I would love for the girlfriend of his father to get along with my son. He’s my son. Anything that is healthy…[is] better,” she commented.

Rulli and Galliano were together for nearly a decade. The couple said “I Do” in late 2007, after several years of dating. However, in 2011, after the birth of their son Santi, the couple decided to split and filed for divorce. After the breakup, an intense legal battle ensued, but luckily, it came to an end.