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November 14, 2017 02:44 PM
 This article originally appeared on PeopleEnEspanol.com

In the entertainment world, actors rarely have the opportunity to show themselves on screen as they really are. Are they blond or brunette? Do they have curly or straight hair? Are their assets natural or have they been surgically enhanced?

In reality, we almost never know. Part of an actor’s job is to look impeccable, which is why they tend to put themselves in the hands of professional stylists.  Salma Hayek, however, recently dared to forgo a stylist’s touch and share a photo of her natural hair texture on Instagram.

“Crazy hair day,” the actress captioned the photo. Curly from the roots to the ends and with a mind of its own, her hair stands out as much as her colorful personality — and it looks spectacular.

Hayek normally wears her hair straight, occasionally with bangs. Therefore, the lion-like Beyoncé locks come as a surprise, since we’ve seen her flaunt a variety of cuts and hair colors, but never this one.

Recently, she dared to go blond during this season’s Paris Fashion Week, even if it was only for a day. Similarly, the Mexican star rocked a baby pink wig at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Over the summer, The Edit asked Hayek which of her many hair styles her husband loves the most: “He loves my curly hair. I say, ‘I cannot go to the event with my crazy curly hair,’ and he says, ‘But that’s who you are – you are electrical,” she said.

Translated by Pia Velasco. 


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