Revolve Fashion Faces Backlash for Lack of Diversity at Influencer Trip

Photo: Instagram/Revolve

While H&M deals with controversy for a racially insensitive ad, another fashion brand faces criticism for lack of inclusivity. Revolve is under fire after posting Instagram photos of an influencer trip in Thailand failed to represent curvy figures or women of color.

Followers of the Los Angeles-based e-commerce giant flooded a group photo of the invitees posing together on the beach with comments calling out the brand for excluding diversity. “I don’t see any women that represent me in this picture smh or ever now that I’m noticing. I need to see more skin colors, hair types, and body types being represented on these revolve trips!” wrote one follower, while blogger @farahpink wrote, “Were all the influencers of color unavailable? Do better please.”

Some influencers also shared their disappointment on social media including fashion stylist and blogger Kyrzayda Rodriguez. “Wake up @revolve we are in the 21st century where actresses speak about sexual harassment and women quit their jobs if they’re not getting equal pay. Wake up! Afro-Latinas, Curvy Women Petite Women and Women of Color won’t be quiet about diversity,” wrote Rodriguez.

The topic of lack of diversity at Revolve’s press trip gained momentous attention when blogger Valerie Eguavoen sparked a conversation on her Instagram Stories. “Hey @revolve, while I absolutely love @songofstyle and some of the girls from your ‘crew’ I have a serious question,” she wrote. “Where is the diversity? You mean to tell me that the lifestyle/beauty/fashion influencers you include in your projects cannot have over a certain amount of melanin?”

Aimee Song — @songofstyle — immediately responded to the blogger with direct messages defending the brand, which only angered Eguavoen, leading her to share the conversation with her followers. Song then wrote, after defending the fashion company: “Sometimes I wonder if it’s just that there aren’t many ‘known’ influencers that are POC or if it’s merely that the POC don’t get the same opportunities as white people?” This led Eguavoen to create an Instagram page named @YouBelongNow, highlighting “content creators who are consistently overlooked because of the color of their skin, their religion, their gender, and size.”

Among the influencers in the trip, titled #RevolveAroundTheWorld, are celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin and models like Camila Coehlo and Hailey Clauson.

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