'Queen of The South' 's Veronica Falcon Talks About Starting Over At The Age of 50

Queen of the South - Season 2
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Landing the role as the head of a Mexican drug cartel on Queen of the South, just months after arriving in the United States, Veronica Falcon is one of the badass women on television proving that age is just a number. With the season finale of the USA Network hit series tonight, the actress opens up about the importance of her character, Camila Vargas, and how it’s changed her life for the better.

“I love Camila. She is a character that came into my life in a very particular moment, and she transformed it,” Falcon told People Chica last week during her press tour in New York City.

Before Queen of the South, the Mexican actress hadn’t found the experience she was looking for. Before moving to Los Angeles, she had a career in Mexico as a choreographer and actor for nearly 30 years. She eventually wanted a new atmosphere and a change in her life. That’s exactly what she got when she moved to the United States at the age of 50.

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“I think age is kind of irrelevant,” says Falcon. “I decided to move and try to work in American productions when I was 50, and most people do that when they’re 20 or 30. They don’t come at 50 with a teenage son and a family, and try to work in an industry that doesn’t know them.”

The actress also takes pride in empowering herself and other women by playing an older character who portrays a powerful, sexy, attractive woman on television. And those were not roles that she had the opportunity to play back in her native country, but she’s thankful that they are possible to land at her age in the United States.

“I never played those roles in Mexico, I never got the chance to be this beautiful, glamorous character, and apparently, here I do, and that’s a positive thing,” says Falcon who celebrated her 51st birthday this month.

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Dennis Leupold/USA Network

Veronica Falcon will also be starring in an episode of HBO’s Duplass Brothers Anthology Room 104, where she will be playing a character much different than that of Camila Vargas.

Make sure to check out season 2 finale of Queen of the South will air on USA Thursday, Aug. 31 and her episode in Room 104 on HBO Friday, Sept. 22.

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