By Thatiana Diaz
December 13, 2017 10:37 AM

Hurricane Maria left most Puerto Ricans without clean drinking water and 80 percent of the island without electricity back in September. Since then, Puerto Rico has continued to struggle with limited access to communication and persistent blackouts. As people in the U.S. commonwealth slowly get their power back, one video circulating on the internet has touched the hearts of its viewers.

On Dec. 8, Nayoka Martínez filmed the instant electricity was restored to her family home after 72 days without it, which led her 9-year-old son, Nathaniel De Jesús, to an emotional breakdown. Warning: This video will trigger the waterworks.

In the clip, De Jesús realizes that the power is back when he sees that the clock on the kitchen stove has turned on. He immediately begins to cry and excitedly yells, “Mami, llego la luz!” (“Mom, the light is back!”)

When interviewed by a local news channel, the mother revealed that she didn’t anticipate her son’s moving reaction when she decided to point her camera at him.

What was intended to be a special moment shared among family ended up becoming a viral sensation. “I cried so much when I saw this video on social media,” wrote one YouTube commenter.

De Jesús also spoke to the news outlet, advising other young children who are living without power to “have faith.”