By Thatiana Diaz
November 08, 2017 05:07 PM

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PRETTYMUCH, the boy band that includes Nick Mara, Zion Kuwonu, Austin Porter, Edwin Honoret and Brandon Arreaga, has been releasing new tracks at a dizzying pace. The latest? “Open Arms,” which the Simon Cowell-formed group says is their most personal track.

“We hope our fans enjoy it because it’s the most personal song for us,” Arreaga told People en Español. “We wrote it in a day. We felt something special when we were writing the song. Everything was so easy and that isn’t common,” Arreaga explained.

The five members— who’ve been stealing hearts on Instagram since February with their good looks and fresh song covers— say the inspiration for “Open Arms” is vocal R&B quartet Shai’s a capella version of “If I Ever Fall in Love” from 1992. “We wanted to make our own version. We loved [the song] and so ours sprung from there,” Arreaga said.

Watch the music video below:

The music video for “Open Arms” displays the lyrics of the song on screen, emphasizing the importance the words have to the five heartthrobs: “This song means a lot to us so we wanted a video to match that. It’s one that we were most heavily involved in lyrically so making a video that highlighted the lyrics was really important,” the group told Paper.

Eager fans have already committed the revealing song to memory: “I’ve already memorized all the lyrics,” one user wrote. Another joked: “Is it bad that I memorized the lyrics from only listening to it once?”

To date, PRETTY MUCH has released two other singles—“Would You Mind” and “Teacher”—and their debut album is expected to drop soon.

The band, opening for pop-rap duo Jack & Jack, will go on tour starting this Saturday in Milwaukee.