Pitbull shares his life story on The Tony Robbins Podcast. From growing up in a crime-ridden neighborhood to mega stardom, Pitbull shares how his grandmother, mother, and aunt encouraged him to make his own destiny and how the self-help guru himself helped inspire the singer's success.

By Natasha Maldonado
January 08, 2018 04:19 PM

The new year offers a fresh start, a time to buckle down and make changes, such as putting an end to unproductive — or destructive — habits and achieving goals.  Looking for an inspiration? Look no further than Tony Robbins’s podcast, which showcases motivating stories full of challenges and triumphs.

Recently, Robbins interviewed Cuban musician Armando Christian Perez, more widely known as Pitbull. During their conversation, the international superstar talked about growing up in a rough, crime-ridden part of Miami and offered advice for anyone striving to reach their dreams.

Pitbull credits the chicas in his family, who immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba, with helping him create his own destiny, despite his socioeconomic hardships.  “Those are the women that built me — my grandmother, my aunt and my mother,” he said. The trio of women routinely reminded him of the liberty and opportunity America could provide him if he put his nose to the grindstone.

“They would ask,” he recalled, “‘Do you see where you’re going to be? Do you see the opportunity you have in this country? Do you see how you can take advantage of this freedom that you have?'”

He also attributes his success to the self-help guru himself.  During his teen years, his mother would drive him to school, blasting Robbins’s tapes.  “It would subliminally get to me,” he said.

Riffing on what he learned from Robbins, the rapper would create his own motivational slogans, such as: “‘There is no losing, only learning,’ ‘There is no failure only opportunities,’ and ‘There are no problems, only solutions,'” he told Robbins.

During their chat, the singer even offered a new twist on an old cliché — “Failure has been the mother of all success” —  reminding us as we enter the new year that our mistakes aren’t something to fear, but embrace: “You don’t make mistakes,” Mr. 305 added, “mistakes make you.” ¡DALE!