WATCH: Pitbull and Fifth Harmony's Hot New Music Video 'Por Favor'

After collaborating with Camila Cabello on "Hey Ma," Pitbull now joins Fifth Harmony in the new single "Por favor." Watch a sneak peek of the sexy music video.

At the Latin Grammys in October, Pitbull memorably performed bilingual single “Por Favor” with Fifth Harmony. On Nov. 22, the Cuban American rapper and the popular girl band released the a sneak peak of the song’s new video on MTV’s TRL. In the video, a seductive Asian woman in a red sequined gown beckons Mr. Worldwide to follow her.

The song is a dialogue between lovers, where one promises she’ll do anything for her beloved if he says “por favor.” Days ahead of the video’s official release, Pitbull posted a promotional shot from the footage on Instagram. Looking dapper in a dark brown suit, he reveals his fortune, which reads “Dales,” his signature salutation, at a table in an Asian restaurant. Dale contains a variety of meanings across countries and cultures, but he once told Billboard what it means to him: “It means a lot of things; it depends on how you’re using it. It’s my way of ­checking out — ‘Dale, I’m out of here’ — or my way of ­getting started.”

2017 Latin American Music Awards - Show
(Photo by JC Olivera/WireImage)

Fifth Harmony also posted photos from the shoot on Instagram, as well as a teaser of the song’s lyrics. The group’s followers expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration with one fan writing: “More music #PorFavor.” Another wrote: “My favorite song.”

The provocative video officially debuted yesterday and has already garnered 1.5 million views and it trending at No. 2 on YouTube.

Earlier this year, Pitbull partnered with fellow Cuban artist and former Fith Harmony member Camila Cabello on the song “Hey Ma,” featuring Colombian singer J. Balvin, for the Fate of the Furious movie soundtrack.

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