Juan Pablo Escobar
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Following the success of multiple series on the life of Pablo Escobar, his son, Juan Pablo, has just released a documentary film at an audiovisual fair in Cannes with a decidedly less glamorous take on his father’s life.

The documentary, titled Escobar Exposed, has been described by the only son of the Colombian drug lord as the project in which he lost “the fear to speak” for the first time in his life. He also assured the public that his version of the facts is not an apology for the crimes of his father, nor an attempt to clean his father’s image. On the contrary, he said, “I’m probably messing [his reputation] up more because I’m telling stories even worse than those that are out there.”

Pablo Escobar
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In the documentary, Pablo claims that his father was not murdered in a police barricade as people have come to believe, but that he actually killed himself. He also features never-before-seen images of his father and their family.

The eldest child of the late head of the Medellín Cartel explained to Spanish-language news outlet EFE that he waited until now to tell these never-before-told stories because his life would have been in danger: “It’s a known fact that many of my father’s enemies have finished their murders and this has left me a little more room to talk about things that I was clearly threatened not to talk about.”

The son, who for security reasons adopted the name of Juan Sebastián Marroquín, criticized other series that have created versions of the story about the life of his father, including Netflix’s Narcos. “They added a glamor that [his story] doesn’t have,” he said. “The criminal activity of Pablo Escobar has been glorified. I don’t oppose the story-telling, but it’s done with such a sense of irresponsibility.”

Translated by Thatiana Diaz