Raul Ortega, the founder of Mariscos Jalisco food truck, is speaking out on the experience of catering for two of Hollywood's biggest stars.

By Thatiana Diaz
March 14, 2018 02:15 PM

Chrissy Teigen skipped out on the 2018 Academy Awards last week to complete a special mission: hunt down a taco truck she saw on the Netflix show Ugly Delicious. The model, who’s six months pregnant with her and John Legend‘s second child, was able to track down the coveted truck for a taco fiesta at her home. Now, Raul Ortega, the founder of Mariscos Jalisco, the truck in question, is sharing his experience of catering to two stars on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Although it seemed on social media that Teigen got her taco fix in a snap, Ortega says her taco party almost didn’t happen: “It all started with a phone call that I didn’t answer. They traced my daughter’s phone number on the second truck so they got a hold of her,” he told the L.A. Taco website. “My daughter called me back and told me, ‘they told me it is only for 10 people.’ I responded, ‘even worse!’ We don’t do less than 80 people per event and our minimum is about a $1,000 per event.”

Teigen’s people informed the Mariscos Jalisco team that they would pay the regular catering fee for their small group. “I saw my daughters trying hard to convince me to go,” said Ortega. “When they said they could pay me, I thought: Well, I don’t have to prepare a lot for that amount of people? We decided to go.”

As seen on Teigen’s Twitter, the truck made it’s way to her home, leaving the mom-to-be so happy, she wrote, she “could cry.”

Ortega, who wasn’t familiar with the famous couple, was welcomed by Legend and his family and was given a parting gift of wine bottles for his trip. “It was fun and something special for both us and them,” he said. “They are very, very nice and normal people who just wanted to have some tacos, you know?”