Woman Dies After Colliding Mid-Air With Another Parachutist in Mexico

A female parachutist died after colliding with another above a beach in Mexico. Here's the footage of the tragic accident.


What was meant to be a relaxing beach vacation in Mexico ended in tragedy for a Ursula Hernandez. The 47-year-old woman was killed in a parascender accident in the resort town of Puerto Escondido on March 17. Local journalist Juan Perez, who witnessed the fatal crash, posted a video showing Hernandez colliding with another parachutist.

The video captures the panic of beach-goers who saw the two skydivers crash and Hernandez plunge to the ground, as a helpful bystander rushes toward her to see if she’s okay.

Hernandez, who was vacationing from Mexico City, was rushed to a nearby hospital after the deadly fall, but doctors couldn’t save her life. The other parachutist involved in the incident, who was also a tourist, survived and was treated for injuries described as non-serious.

The reporter who shared the video of the tragedy expressed his sadness over what he witnessed. “Just before the Easter Holidays start, one person has died and another has been injured in an accident in Puerto Escondido,” Perez wrote on social media. “I’m sure no one will be held to account. No one regulates these types of services.”

Local news reported that the parachutists had signed a document prior to renting their equipment, absolving the rental company of any blame in the event of an accident.

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