Nicky Jam opens up about his love story with his wife, Colombian model Angelica Cruz, and how it all started on social media.

By Lena Hansen
November 23, 2017 09:29 AM
Credit: Backgrid UK/The Grosby Group

Nicky Jam may have enjoyed close collaborations with beautiful artists like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, but he only has eyes for one woman: his wife Angelica Cruz. The 36-year-old singer of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent met the Colombian model online. In a recent interview with radio personality Jorge Pabón, the reggaeton star said he was mesmerized when he first laid eyes on Cruz, a TV host. “She was very pretty,” he said, so he sent her a direct message with a photo of himself asking her to be his “best friend.” She didn’t respond for a while thinking it was a hoax.

“It’s not so romantic. She made this face like she didn’t believe it was me and I harassed her for a few weeks,” he said.

The Latin Grammy winner says he knew he had found someone special when he finally met Cruz. “She made me feel something I had never felt,” he said.

The singer, who is currently overseeing the construction of their dream home in Miami, added, “I felt very empty and now I get home and I feel I have a family,” he told Pabón. “I feel like I work hard and I get home and there is someone waiting for me. I don’t come home to an empty house anymore.”

Jam married Cruz in Medellín, Colombia last February in a romantic ceremony attended by actor Vin Diesel, singer J. Balvin and other celebrity friends. “I met her when I was already famous but I’m a good-looking, attractive, charming guy. I sing well, I have a good sense of humor, I say it like it is. If I was super ugly, I would think: ‘She is with me because of my fame,’ but I make her laugh,” he joked.

The “El Amante” crooner, who is on tour with reggaeton duo Plan B, is going through a difficult time after the recent death of his grandmother, whom he remembered in a heartfelt social media post on Nov. 19. For support, he’s turning to his better half: “I found a good woman,” he said, “in every sense of the word.”