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March 08, 2018 03:20 PM

Mexican actress Litzy Dominguez (best known simply as Litzy) plays an undocumented immigrant in Telemundo’s Al Otro Lado Del Muro [“On the Other Side of the Wall”]. The series tells the story of two radically different women — played by Litzy and Venezuelan actress Marjorie De Sousa — who cross the border into the United States in search of the American dream.

“You can’t cover the sun with one finger. It’s something very serious and complex,” Litzy says about the topic of immigration. “I think it’s interesting that Telemundo took the risk to address this issue. From the very title, On the Other Side of the Wall, because literally they now want to build a wall. It’s always been there, but they want to make it bigger and stronger,” she adds about President Donald Trump’s initiative along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The 35-year-old hopes the Hispanic audience will identify with the series’ characters and their struggles to create a better life in a foreign country. “It portrays the daily lives of two women who fall in and out of love, fight for their kids and have a normal life except for the fact that they have to start from zero in a new country and they are undocumented,” she says of the telenovela. “It depicts what we all go through. I’m an immigrant too. Fortunately, I was very lucky and I arrived to this country with a work visa, under different circumstances.” Seeing characters like themselves on TV will help undocumented immigrants feeling vulnerable in the U.S. feel that they are not alone, Litzy believes.

The actress says she is similar to her character, Eliza, in that they are both very loving. “Eliza listens to her heart when making decisions and follows her intuition,” she adds. “I’m like that too. Sometimes it’s bad because you give too much of yourself, you love too much and become vulnerable.”

In the story, Eliza reunites with her estranged husband (played by actor Khotán Fernandez) after she crosses the border into the U.S., where he emigrated first. In America, he has a new life (including a second wife and a son), but Eliza still wants him back. “She gives in to him again because he is the love of her life, the father of her two children and she adores him,” Litzy explains. “They have a very strong sexual attraction.”

While filming the soap opera in Miami, Litzy was in Eliza’s shoes for 12 hours a day almost every day for five months. The actress says keeping in touch with her family, who lives in Mexico, was her way of staying grounded and not losing her sanity. “You have no life. You get home to sleep,” she says of the rigorous recording schedule. “I stayed in touch with everyone. I have siblings, nephews, my grandma, my mom and dad, a lot of people I’m always in communication with. Even though there was distance between us — and I didn’t have the time to travel to see them — I was always on the phone with them asking them how they were doing, how they felt. That also gives me emotional support,” she explains of their bond.




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