Becky G, Karol G and Leslie Grace talk to PEOPLE CHICA about collaborating on new music video "Mi Mala" with Venezuelan duo Mau and Ricky.

By Lena Hansen
February 12, 2018 04:33 PM

Venezuelan duo Mau and Ricky’s new music video “Mi Mala” showcases the talent of some of Latin music’s hottest ladies, including Becky G, Karol G and Leslie Grace, who sat down with PEOPLE CHICA to dish on working together and writing lyrics that empower women.

The video, recorded in a all-pink room with a pink bed on which scantily clad models pose in pink underwear (and pet a pink pig!), has a cool urban fee. “It was super fun,” Becky G says of recording the video in Miami. “I feel this song is so empowering because it’s sexy, because you have all the youngest and fiercest women in urban Latin music coming together.”

Working again with her friend Dominican bachata princess Leslie Grace, with whom she recorded the duet the duet “Dígale” last year, was an added bonus for Becky G: “Leslie is one of my first friends that I made in the industry. For me to come together for someone I consider like a sister is so fun.”

The 20-year-old Mexican-American singer and actress, who’s recording a new album in English, said her Spanish-language music and most recent collaborations inform her latest musical project: “Going into my English music with a bit more sense of identity and knowing who I am as an artist is a really exciting feeling” she said.


Leslie Grace
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The “Mi Mala” track, which also features Argentine singer Lali Espósito, was a big “blessing” for Leslie Grace: “I was a super fan of everybody in the song, but they are also my friends. Mau and Ricky have written some of my singles with me in the past and we would always talk about eventually being able to film a video and sing together. It was a no brainer. When it became a huge ‘let’s get all these bad girls together in this track’ type of thing, it was like: ‘Ok, I would have to be crazy not to do this.’ It’s a beautiful experience,” she said.

Mau and Ricky
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Colombian singer Karol G also thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate and emphasized that the high-estrogen collab is a reflective of our times: “I think 2017 was a year where women broke the ice and 2018 is filled with surprises,” she said.


Karol G
(Photo by Alexander Tamargo/WireImage)

Grace also noted that she grew up admiring Mau and Ricky’s father, renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, so recording with them was especially delightful: “I’ve always respected them,” she said. “I love ‘Mi Mala.’ It’s a song that talks about women playing difficult, pretending to be bad girls and teasing.”

Her goal as a songwriter, she says, is to put out good vibes. “I like to inspire and share a positive message,” she said, “I want women to know that it’s possible — that women have the talent, the attitude and the drive.”