A dialogue between mother and daughter reveals secrets they kept from one another, some for over 20 years, including a near-death experience when giving birth.

By Chica Staff
January 26, 2018 01:47 PM

The Latina Love Project profiles the lives of women — mothers, daughters, sisters — who often sacrifice their self-care in their struggle to balance and care for family, friends, and work. In this series sponsored by Ford, we spotlight their struggles and triumphs and learn how they create time for their themselves.

In the first episode of the Latina Love Project series, we watch an intimate conversation unfold between Thatiana Diaz, a 25-year-old former Miss New York USA, who’s working her way up the entertainment journalism ladder, and her mother, Katty Diaz, who overcame financial difficulties as a single parent and went on to become a high-powered information technology sales executive. In their raw, tear-jerking exchange, they learn about the sacrifices each made to accomplish her goals and protect one another from disappointment and pain.