After her recent breakup from Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi, Ariadna Gutierrez looks better than ever. The sexy Colombian model spills beauty and fashion tips.

By Lena Hansen
November 27, 2017 02:08 PM

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If looking gorgeous is the best way to rile an ex, Ariadna Gutierrez is exacting some serious revenge on former boyfriend Gianluca Vacchi. The Colombian beauty queen, 23, and the Italian millionaire, 50, ended their romance a few months ago, but the model looks anything but sad.

“We ended things on good terms,” she said on Univision’s morning show Despierta América. “I simply have different ideals than he does and we are on different paths.” Since dissolving their union, she’s been spotted yachting with singer Maluma in Miami and looks better than ever. She sat down with People en Español to share tips on how to look and feel good — the best cure for heartbreak.

Celebrities Visit Univision's "Despierta America"
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Fitness is a sacred aspect of Gutierrez’s daily routine and life: “I try to exercise a lot so the day I want to sin with a desert, a pizza or burger, I can do it without guilt,” she said. “I like functional fitness, using my body’s own weight. I love boxing, cardio, jumping rope. An hour a day is more than enough.”

She looks incomparably hot in a bikini, but comfort is key for Gutierrez. “If you don’t feel comfortable when you are trying on a bathing suit, no matter how pretty it is, you won’t feel comfortable when you wear it to the pool or the beach,” she said. “I really like triangle shaped bikinis and now I’m using a lot of heart shaped ones. I like bathing suits from the 1930s. They accentuate a woman’s figure really well.”

She takes great care of her radiant skin. She never leaves home without sunblock and slathers her body in a green tea tonic after showering. She also let’s her skin breath by forgoing makeup once in awhile: “That break is necessary to keep the skin looking fresh, which help you not look so tired,” she said.

Gutierrez —who is a judge on the Colombian reality show Protagonistas on RCN— has said that a balanced diet makes all the difference. “The best beauty advise is to eat healthy”, she said. “Forget all the creams and makeup. There is nothing better than eating healthy. It will make your skin look radiant, fresh and make you feel good on the inside so it shows on the outside.”

Gutierrez, who recently graced the cover of Hola Colombia, may wow with her bling and elegance on the red carpet, but she prefers a more casual style: “I love fashion, but whenever I get the chance to be in tennis shoes, jeans and a t-shirt I do because it’s the most comfortable thing on the planet,” she said.

She often accessorizes relaxed ‘boyfriend jeans’ with a cool belt and Converse sneakers or funky boots and glams-up a plain white t-shirts with a colorful necklace or nice watch.

The stunner looks for inspiration from her style icon Charlize Theron: “She has an impeccable style,” she enthused. “She is always dressed to kill and has a great look.”