Are singers Marc Anthony and Luis Miguel working on a hot new collaboration? The Internet is going wild after the two have appeared together in social media hinting a musical surprise.

Marc Anthony and Luis Miguel
Credit: Instagram/ @marcanthony

Marc Anthony got fans excited when he posted a photo of himself with Luis Miguel Dec. 30 on Instagram.

The image shows the two singers in a fraternal embrace, with Miguel holding Anthony’s hand over his shoulder and the Puerto Rican singer pointing his index finger at his Mexican colleague and friend as a sign of admiration. “Get ready for this new year,” Anthony’s caption reads, generating endless comments about a possible musical collaboration. “Wow, what a duo!” one says. “Will you sing together?” another asks. “The biggest in the world,” a third follower chimes in.

Although they haven’t made any official announcements about recording or touring together, Latin music–loving throngs online are raving about the salsa crooner and the ballad king joining forces on a future project. A post by Marc Anthony’s friend Enrique Santos on Jan. 1 — showing a photo of Santos, Anthony and Miguel with a view of Miami at night in the background — only fueled hopes of a collab. “We keep making history and hacking the system #MagnusStrong 2018,” Santos wrote.

Producer Sergio George, a longtime friend and musical partner of Anthony’s, also shared a pic with the two singers last week, further teasing the possibility of their recording music together. “Like Marc said: Get ready for this new year,” George posted.

Another photo shared by Luis Miguel fans on social media shows the two singers with urban Cuban duo Gente de Zona, which raises the question of whether the reggaeton stars will also be part of a musical collaboration with Anthony and Miguel. Or were they just having fun in Miami?

A video shared by an onlooker that went viral shows Anthony and Miguel partying on a boat in Miami with a mariachi band. Will they record a tropical song or ballad? A bolero salsa fusion? Time will tell!