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February 16, 2018 05:12 PM

A young Colombian man in Florida, who lived close by and had a similar name to the alleged Florida high school shooter Nikolas Cruz, says he has been harassed.

Nicolás Cruz — with a c not a k — whose middle name is De Jesus and not Jacob like the teen police say killed 17 people, spoke to Noticiero Univision about how he and his family have suffered harassment after his identity was confused for the alleged gunman’s.

According to the TV news report, innumerable hateful messages are circulating over social media declaring Nikolas Cruz a DREAMER or DACA recipient and an undocumented immigrant even though he is is an American citizen. His mother showed his passport as proof on air.

The Colombian family welcomed Noticiero Univision into their home and Nicolás De Jesús Cruz showed the reporter his graduation diploma from Fort Lauderdale High School, explaining he “has nothing to do” with the teenager who is accused of carrying out an attack Marjory Stoneman High School.

“I fear for my parents because people think they are responsible for what happened and they have my information,” De Jesús said. The family has received several harassing anonymous telephone calls. “We have already said we have nothing to do with that young man, please stop bothering us,” De Jesús’s mom tells someone calling the home in front of the TV cameras.

She also spoke with tears in her eyes of the psychological pain this has caused the family. “I can’t accept that. Last night, they kept calling and wouldn’t leave us alone,” she said. “They have no idea the harm they are causing him.”

Internet trolls also published tweets divulging De Jesús’s voter registration number, address, telephone number, as well as his parents’ number. The only thing the two young men have in common, besides their similar names, is that they were both born in 1998 and live in the same area in Florida.

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