This Is the Latino Artist the Internet Can't Stop Obsessing About

Why we love Maluma. A review of the Colombian singer's sexiest moments on social media.

Maluma Visits El Zol 106.7FM

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Man crush Monday is over but we’re still hooked on Maluma. From his provocative dance moves to his racy lyrics, the 23-year-old Colombian singer has mastered seduction and he’s earning a rep for it all over the web. Here’s why we can’t crush our crush on the “Felices Los 4” singer:

1. He’s got smooth moves! The singer memorably turned up the heat on the dance floor with fellow Colombian Shakira for the steamy “Chantaje” video. He also showed his fierce footwork in a collaboration with Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin for the video of hit single, “Vente Pa’Ca.”

2. Maluma’s got more depth and dimension than your average 23-year-old guy. He captioned a recent photo from a visit to Israel: “God has always been in my heart and today I confirmed that more than ever.” He’s also admitted that he relies on yoga and meditation to keep himself grounded. “I like to read a lot. I identify with the philosophy of Buddha,” he has said.

3. Momma’s Boy: A recent post shows him giving his mom an endearing smooch with a caption that reads, “A love like you.” So, ladies, you may have to win your mother-in-law’s approval if you want a future with this “pretty boy, dirty boy,” as his fans call him.

4. His body ink is full of meaning. “Each tattoo has life experiences, things I like,” he has said. “I have a Tibetan Buddha because I like meditation. I have a lotus flower because it’s the only flower born in the swamps so no matter what adversities it faces, it will always find light.”

5. We love his confidence and style. Whether working his man bun, a muscle tee or a rainbow-colored sweater, we can’t take our eyes of Maluma.

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