Colombian singer Maluma reunites with his Pomeranian pup Julieta after she was lost for a few days and shares sweet post on Instagram.

Maluma Performs At Espaco das Americas
Credit: Mauricio Santana/Getty

Maluma has been reunited with his baby! The Colombian singer found his lost pup Julieta after she disappeared in Medellín. When the Pomeranian went missing, the “Corazón” singer turned to social media for help, asking his over 31 million followers on Instagram to help locate his furry friend. On Jan. 31, he shared a pic of Julieta, offering a reward and a phone number to call if she was found. “Princesa Julieta is missing. Please help me find her. She is my daughter. Please!” he begged in his caption.

Luckily, Julieta found her way back home. Last night, the singer posted an image of himself holding the puppy, thanking his fans for their concern. “We found her! Thanks to each of you for your prayers and to the family who took care of her these days,” he wrote.

Maluma, an animal lover, has made his family of furry friends, including Julieta, instant celebrities by sharing their photos on Instagram. Julieta even has her own Instagram account @princesajulieta and boost more than 28,000 followers. A shot he posted on Jan. 17 shows him cuddling with a bunch of his animals. “I love family hugs,” he wrote.

Christmas day last year, he shared a sweet photo with his animal clan, which includes Julieta lounging on his lap: “With my family, thanks Santa.”

Maluma’s girlfriend, Cuban Croatian model Natalia Barulich, who stars in his “Felices Los 4” music video, also posts the pup’s pics and also lost it when Julieta took off.

She shared the singer’s message alerting fans to their lost dog, adding: “My Princess Julieta is missing in Medellín. If anyone sees her or knows anything please let us know. She has a black mark on her tail, and please send prayers for her. I love this dog more than anything.”

When they finally found the pup, Barulich thanked those who rescued her and returned her home. “My lil baby has been found!,” she wrote. “Thank you everyone for the prayers, positive vibes and the people who rescued her. La Juli is back!”