Maluma's "Corazón" breaks records in the first month of its release, snagging the top spot on YouTube's global chart for Most Viewed Video with over 260 million views. 

By Lena Hansen
January 11, 2018 10:39 AM

Maluma’s new year starts with a record breaking hit. The 23-year-old Colombian singer’s music video “Corazón” garnered over 260 million views on its first month of release, reaching the top spot on YouTube’s global chart of Most Viewed Videos. The single, featuring Brazilian singer Nego Do Borel, is a Spanish and Portuguese fusion.

The bright, color-saturated video for the track filmed in Sao Paolo, Brazil shows the singer cruising through a vibrant street market, jamming with local musicians and flirting with pretty chicas. Scenes of people playing soccer offer an appropriate homage to the country’s national pastime.

“Corazón” is the only song on Spotify’s Global Top 20 chart without English-language lyrics, proving the thirst for Spanish-language music persists as 2018 kicks off. His other hit, “Felices Los 4,” went platinum 20 times in the United States and Puerto Rico, with over 1.2 million units sold, according to a press release. Fire for Maluma continues to burn bright on Instagram as well. He was the most viewed recording artist on Instagram Stories, the seventh most viewed person overall, and the number 1 Latin male artist with more than 30.5 million followers.

Mauricio Santana/Getty

After touring in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Israel, and performing at over concerts in 2017, he will kick off his 2018 F.A.M.E U.S.A. Tour on Mar. 23 in Washington, D.C. with stops in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other American cities.

When the heartthrob isn’t scaling the charts and playing venues around the world, he finds time to unwind with simple, everyday pleasures: “I recharge by riding my horses, being with my dogs, spending time with my family, and going out to dinner,” he told PEOPLE CHICA last year.