Luis Fonsi may be a fashion pro now, but the Puerto Rican singer admits that wasn't always the case and comes clean about his style mistakes.

By Lena Hansen
November 22, 2017 10:32 AM

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These days, Luis Fonsi may be a red carpet pro, regularly showing up on best-dressed lists, but the Puerto Rican singer says that wasn’t always the case. He opens up to People en Español about his rocky relationship with fashion. “My style is relaxed, not forced. It’s a style that adapts to the situation,” he told the Spanish-language magazine.”If I’m on a red carpet, I dress elegantly for the carpet. If I’m on a stage, I dress for the stage. I don’t try to mix the two.”

The Despacito singer may be a fashionista now, as his Instagram pics show, but he keeps his everyday style simple: “A flannel shirt that’s very in right now, some torn up jeans always work and some retro [Michael Jordan tennis shoes]. I’m a fan of those! Oh, and a good watch,” he said. “For a man, that always completes the look.”

The 39-year-old says his style evolution — and education — took time. With People en Español‘s fashion editor Ursula Carranza, he looked back at some of his less flattering outfits that have since been banned from his closet.

“Look at those pants!” he said, staring at a photo of himself in tattered, 10-year-old jeans. “I bought that at a thrift shop in Argentina. I love thrift shops,” he added about the funky green shirt he’s wearing in the pic.

In another shot from a red carpet event 15 years ago, he dons a shiny beige suit: “You can all laugh, thanks!” he said. “There is no explaining this photo. We all have a past and we all have the right to progress in life and to make mistakes. This here is a mistake.”

Credit: Rodrigo Varela/Getty

The one style consistency in his life he says is his hair. “I let my beard grow for the music video of ‘Estoy Perdido’,” he said, “but I am not into dramatic look changes. The most I ever did was let my beard grow. That was a great moment in my life,” he joked. His ability to laugh at himself might just be his best accessory.