The singer is reveals that he wants to take his love of music into a new career move: Broadway.

By Thatiana Diaz
February 27, 2018 09:51 AM

With the success of his smash hit “Despacito” and his newest track “Echame La Culpa” featuring Demi Lovato, Luis Fonsi has proven that his expertise is music. But the Puerto Rican singer is now revealing that he wants to take his love of music to the Broadway stage.

In an interview with PEOPLE CHICA, Fonsi confessed that he recently turned down a theatrical role because of his Love + Dance World Tour. But hopes to jump on that opportunity in the near future. “I want to come back to New York and do Broadway,” he said. “I got to meet [composer] Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Grammys, who actually offered me a beautiful role in a play that I can’t do because I’m going to be touring in Mexico. I hope that door doesn’t close because I’m very passionate about musical theater and I feel very comfortable doing [it]. That’s on my to-do list.”

Brian Ach/Getty Images

As far as specific timing, Fonsi said he hopes to get to Broadway in “the next year or so,” taking advantage of the momentum from his record-breaking 2017 success. The transition should be easy for the singer, who feels no pressure to create another chart-topper like “Despacito.” He told PEOPLE CHICA exclusively: “I know this is a moment in time. There will never be another ‘Despacito’ and I can’t compete with that. Let’s celebrate it.” He continued, “Let’s not forget about it because it changed my life, and I would like to think a lot of peoples lives. But I can’t have that sort of in the back of my head from now on. I have to keep on moving forward.”

Watch the entire interview with Luis Fonsi here.