If you're a brunette looking for colorful unicorn hair dye that works over your natural shade, then Lime Crime's newest additions are for you.

By Pia Velasco
November 09, 2017 02:35 PM

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Mastering an off-beat shade of hair color like purple or blue is hard enough. For natural brunettes, it’s even tougher. In order to perfect brightly hued locks, brunettes have to bleach their hair before applying the dye, or go the way of the wig like Salma Hayek. But not anymore. Beauty brand Lime Crime has recently released four new dyes specially formulated for girls with darker hair.

These new full-coverage shades are in addition to their impressive Unicorn Hair dye collection, which consists of 27 quirky colors.

From left to right: Charcoal, Sea Witch, Squid, and Chestnut
Lime Crime

The latest shades include Charcoal (a deep grey), Sea Witch (a rich teal), Squid (an ink purple), and Chestnut (a maroon brown). The semipermanent dyes promise to fade into your natural tone gracefully. According to the company’s website, the life cycle of your color depends on three factors: the depth of the shade you use, the condition of your hair, and how often you wash it.

To achieve a bright hue, apply the dye onto your tresses and let it sit for 30 minutes. No need for a cap or heat. It’s really that simple!

Since all of Unicorn Hair’s ingredients are certified vegan and don’t contain any chemicals or bleaches that damage hair, you can move through the colors of the rainbow as often as you like. Plus, each jar costs a reasonable $16, and if you want to test-drive a color first, or dye your hair with an array of tones, Lime Crime offers sample packets for a mere $1.50.

Halloween may have passed, but it’s always a good time to channel your inner unicorn.