Get in your best shape for the new year with tips from Puerto Rican life coach and fashion trainer Laura Posada.

January 08, 2018 01:56 PM

If getting in the best shape of your life was one of your New Year’s resolutions, Laura Posada is here to help. The Puerto Rican life coach and fitness pro gave PEOPLE CHICA tips on how to lose those extra holiday pounds and stay motivated throughout the year. The wife of former New York Yankees baseball star Jorge Posada admits that building the body you want takes hard work. “To stay fit at 46, I have to be stricter with my nutrition and I’ve had to modify my workout routine, including more cardio, tonification [an acupuncture technique for strength] and stretching exercises. The secret is to have a balanced diet without totally skipping all the foods you love.”

Exercising with her husband has been a big inspiration, she adds. “Working out as a couple has always been part of our relationship,” she says of her 17-year marriage to the baseball star, with whom she has two children. “It’s something that brings us closer and we motivate each other with a little competition. Last year, we started to play golf and although it’s been hard it’s been a fun challenge.”

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The author of The Mental Diet: Your Key to Happiness says visualizing the reward helps you accept new challenges and get to the finish line. “I recommend that people keep in mind why they have that goal. When you have a well-defined vision of why you are doing things that automatically gives you extra motivation. Also set clear and short-term goals for yourself, so that as you achieve them it motivates you to pursue new ones. You get to the top one tiny step at a time!”

A good start is to “avoid fried and sugary foods, to drink lots of water and try to consume fresh and organic products,” she says. “Losing weight is possible for anyone who truly wants it. It helps to visualize how your life will change once you are satisfied with your body, not only how great you will look, but how you will feel. Frame a photo that motivates you, buy that bikini you want to wear and write down all the things you will be able to enjoy once your health and energy are renewed.”

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For those who want results quickly and don’t have much time to invest, she recommends high intensity interval training, known as HIIT, which alternates short periods of intense cardiovascular exercise with recovery periods of little or no activity. “It allows you to have a successful workout in 20 or 30 minutes,” she says. Posada is also a fan of bike riding and paddle boarding.

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After spending New Year’s in the Bahamas, she says her goal for 2018 is to continue helping those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. And there is another major resolution on her list: “I want to enjoy what I have accomplished in life without asking so much of myself. Sometimes you can simply be happy and in the moment without desiring more.”

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