Practice self-care Latina-style with these 5 tips

The Latina Love Project profiles the lives of women — mothers, daughters, sisters — who often sacrifice their self-care in their struggle to balance and care for family, friends, and work. In this series sponsored by Ford, we spotlight their struggles and triumphs and learn how they create time for themselves.

Self-care as a way of life means prioritizing yourself in a way that balances out the stresses built into work and family obligations. These include activities such as meditating, going to a spa or even changing up a tiresome routine. Here’s how to appreciate yourself and the chicas in your life:

Loquita Bath + Body

Made in California by Yamira Vanegas, Loquita Bath + Body is the vegan and cruelty-free line favored by Latino consumers. In a recent interview with Paper magazine, Vanegas said, “I feel like a lot of people don’t realize that our grandmas and tias have been telling us about self-care. They say cuídate [take care]…Whether it’s to put on a sweater or make sure you’re eating — you know how your grandma’s always like, have you eaten? Even if they don’t realize it, they’re telling you to practice self-care. That’s what they’re telling you.” Bath bomb designs are available in flan, conchas and even those Valentine’s Day staples: Heart-shaped candy Sweethearts. Choose phrases like “Bruja,” “Chismosa,” and “Mejor Sola”or customize with your own words!


Derived from pracaxi, a plant native to the Amazon River Basin, Sacha Inchi oil has high amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, helping regulate the skin’s natural oil production and moisturize the scalp and hair follicles. It’s also packed with Vitamins A and E, making it a natural retinoid that combats free-radical damage, aids in cell turnover and strengthens the structural integrity of skin and hair. The Golden Elixir also has sunflower oil, which helps to decrease inflammation on the skin; geranium oil, renowned for its anti-bacterial properties; and sweet orange oil, assisting in brightening the skin’s complexion. It’s a fantastic light-weight oil that works not only on skin but also hair — especially thick, textured hair. Plus, it smells maravilloso!

the little market

The Little Market

Self-care may not always directly involve only oneself — it can involve giving back to a cause you care about. Founded by women to empower women, The Little Market is a mission-driven nonprofit working with artisans around the world to curate and design beautiful products that preserve cultural techniques and traditions. Each purchase contributes to sustainable jobs and better lives for the artisans, their families and their communities. Bring some brightness to your routine by adding this playful pom pom keychain to your (or your amiga’s) keys while supporting artists working with Macvilho in Mexico.


Hydration is a fantastic way to treat your body from the inside out. Rosario Dawson practices this essential self-care step after the gym, an important time to replenish. Increased energy and glowing skin are two key benefits that come with re-hydration, provided its the right type of liquid: namely water. Essentia’s proprietary ionization process creates a clean and smooth-tasting 9.5pH alkaline water that may be better for restoring your precious bodily fluids than the tap.

Kristin Ess

The Kristin Ess hair line launched at Target last year and we have since been obsessed with its mix of aesthetically pleasing quality and affordability. The line is focused heavily on inclusivity and products for textured hair. Ess recently introduced a new addition to the blush colored bottle set that’s sure to spice up your Valentine’s Day vibe. The Rose Gold Temporary Tint washes out of pre-lightened or highlighted blonde hair after one wash. With a price point of $12, you can’t afford not to experiment with your look!