(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/FilmMagic)
December 12, 2017 02:29 PM

After Mexican actress Kate del Castillo Instagrammed a shot of her computer screen with what looked like a script bearing the words La Reina del Sur 2, fans of her beloved telenovela character Teresa Mendoza barely had time to get excited. The next post was much bleaker.

Del Castillo and her Chihuahua Lola had to evacuate her Los Angeles home last week after the wildfires in Southern California got dangerously close. “This is too much. This was at 5:30am. Lola and I are out of there,” she posted on Instagram Dec. 6 with a photo of trees nearby engulfed in flames. “This was the view from my bedroom.”

Seeing the harrowing image of the burning forest fire outside her window on social media, fans expressed concern for the star’s safety. “May God protect you,” one wrote. Another added: “It looks like an inferno. Be very careful.” One follower went so far as to offer her home to Del Castillo: “How are you Kate? I hope you are well. I offer you my humble little house. Hug,” her message read.

The fires have also affected other celebrities who have homes in the area, including Eva Longoria. On Dec. 6, the Mexican-American actress shared an image of burning hills near the freeway exit to her home: “Guys! This is what’s happening in California right now,” she wrote on Instagram, adding, “Please pray for everyone in these areas and for our brave fire fighters helping fight this tragedy. Everyone in these areas please EVACUATE!! #California #Fires.”



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