Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi first time on stage singing new world hit "Despacito" (remix duo)†at the Puerto Rico Coliseum during Beiber's "Purpose Tour" In San Juan, PR.
Credit: Splash News Online

With Justin Bieber as the “Despacito” guest singer, the single shot up to become the first Spanish-language song to rank within the top ten of the Hot 100 list for the first time in 20 years. The last song to reach that milestone was the popular “Macarena” by Bayside Boys.

Bieber, who joined in the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee collaboration, sang in Spanish for the hit track helped the song become a global sensation. Then Bieber made an appearance at 1 OAK nightclub in New York City on Tuesday and surprised partygoers with a mini concert.

Among the songs he performed was “Despacito” and when the crowd heard the beat they immediately began to scream. However, once the dropped, the 23-year-0ld seemed to forget the lyrics.

Instead of singing along to the popular lyrics, which Bieber performed on stage with Fonsi during his Purpose Tour in Puerto Rico, he repeatedly said, “blah, blah, blah.”

The entire moment was captured on camera:

The “Sorry” singer also ad-libbed lines like “I don’t know the words so I say ‘Dorito’” and “I ate the burrito, I just want a burrito.” Latinos on social media reacted none too pleased.

Fonsi took the stage at the season 12 finale of The Voice with Daddy Yankee. The Puerto Rican singers performed their hit song with the show’s contestant Mark Isaiah, who fit right in with the pair singing Justin Bieber‘s verse and chorus. “It says a lot about where Latin music is nowadays and where our culture is. We’re breaking barriers down,” Fonsi told E! News. “I think that’s the biggest win out of all of this.”