By Thatiana Diaz
October 23, 2017 04:50 PM
Justin Baldoni

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Justin Baldoni, who has proven to be a swoon-worthy father and husband, is now rallying for women’s advancement in Hollywood. The Jane the Virgin star, who welcomed a baby boy last week, took part in an interview with the storytelling platform MAKERS, where he argued that women will have more opportunities in Hollywood when men change their mind-sets.

“You’re not going to have an awakening of a billion men that are suddenly going to wake up and everyone is going to be a feminist,” he said in the video. “What you can do is create a new race of men that are aware of their actions that are respecting women in a new way.”

The actor acknowledges that the kind of change he’s advocating requires steady, incremental progress: “It’s important to start small. It’s not going to change overnight,” he said.

Baldoni credits his mom for teaching him feminist values, which he hopes to impart to his two-year-old daughter. “[It’s] just a deep responsibility to let her have a role model of a dad that empowers her to believe that anything is possible,” he said. “And that she can do anything that anybody else can do regardless of whether or not she’s a woman.”

To help evolve male consciousness, the creator of the Wayfarer Entertainment decided to launch a weekly talk show titled Man Enough. The series, which debuts on Nov. 28th, is described as “a weekly dinner party captured on camera” that will explore and challenge “what it means to be a man today.” Featured guests will include Dancing With the Stars alum Derek Hough, Hamilton star Javier Muñoz and transgender activist Aydian Dowling, among others.

“There is a new generation of men that are not what you think they are,” he concluded in the MAKERS video, “Women always say like, ‘Where do I find them?’ They’re here, they’re just looking for permission to be who they really are.”