By Thatiana Diaz
May 23, 2017 04:51 PM

Real love has no borders and John Legend pushes to spread that message with his newest music video for “Surefire,” which released on Monday.

The video centers around a young interracial couple, Roberto, who is Mexican and Jamila, who is Muslim. They fall in love but face many issues including immigration, family and prejudice. The two are able to put their differences aside and enjoy each others company; they even pray to their respective gods together.

Later on in the video, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents find Roberto and deport him back to his home country of Mexico. Jamila decides to hitchhike down with the approval of her family and eventually finds her boyfriend and his mother.

John Legend performed “Surefire” at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, along with a duet version of Florida Georgia Line’s “Holy.”
| Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty

Director Cole Wiley was inspired by the power of love, especially in a time with anti-immigration politics and racism. “Human civilization is experiencing an extraordinary moment in time,” he said to Rolling Stone. “We are more capable of doing more good than ever before, but we are still mired by a myriad of systemic failures that continue to arise because of our continuing lack of empathy towards others.”

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He continues, “That is why Jamila and Roberto, the star-crossed lovers featured in the ‘Surefire’ music video, face a number of obstacles that are heavily rooted in the current state of America. Fear of immigration, religious bigotry and many other forms of prejudice are contaminating our cultural landscape on a daily basis.”

“Surefire” is a single off of Legend’s fifth studio album Darkness and Light.